Joe Dodds

The Celtic Graves Society are proud to announce a ceremony to commemorate the final resting place of the Celtic great


St Convals Cemetery, Glasgow Road, Barrhead, Glasgow G78 1TH
Saturday 20th May 2017 at 2pm

Born in 1887 in Carluke to Joe and Margaret Dodds, the athletic and versatile Joe Dodds would become one of the key foundation stones of the first ever Celtic sides who would go on to achieve ‘6 in a row’.

Signed from Carluke Milton Rovers in 1908, the lightening quick left back would quickly develop a fine defensive partnership with the great Alec ‘The Icicle’ McNair and the great Charlie Shaw to form the trilogy of ‘Shaw, McNair and Dodds’. Together these men created the defensive partnerships that was said to be the best in the UK at this period, and made Celtic the dominant force within Scottish football.

According to legendary Celtic manager Willie Maley: “Shaw, McNair and Dodds understood one another so well that they developed the pass-back into a scientific move of which there have been many imitators but none to equal the originators. It was indeed a spectacle to see either McNair or Dodds passing, with unerring accuracy and cheeky coolness, the ball to Shaw two yards away, with the opposing forwards almost on top of them. That was their method of getting out of a corner, which in all probability would otherwise have been fatal”. (Weekly News, 25th July 1936)

Following the retirement of Sunny Jim Young in 1916, Joe Dodds became the Celtic Captain. Celtic historians say they can find no account of when Joe Dodds ever had a bad game.

He would also serve in World War One, which lost him valuable years of service for club. He served his colleagues on the front line in France in the Royal Field Artillery. A Scottish League Champion on a total of 8 occasions, and 3 Scottish Cup wins is among the best record that Scottish football has ever saw. He is a true great of Scottish Football and of Celtic Football Club.

Joe Dodds passed away in 1965 at the age of 78. He is an all-time Celtic great.

League Champion 8 times: 1908-09, 1909-10, 1913-14, 1914-15, 1915-16, 1916-17, 1918-19, 1921-22
Scottish Cup Appearances: 33
Scottish Cup Goals: 2
Scottish FA Cup Winner 3 times: 1911, 1912, 1914
Glasgow Cups: 2
Glasgow Merchants’ Charity Cups: 8
War Fund Cup: 1

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