Michael Dolan

The Celtic Graves Society and the St Patrick’s Day Festival, Coatbridge are proud to announce that there will be a ceremony to mark the resting place of


Celtic’s first ever goalkeeper

At Old Monkland Cemetery, Woodside Street, Coatbridge, ML5 5HA on Sunday 18th March 2012 at 10.45am

Attendees at the event will include:

Members of the Dolan Family
Representatives of Celtic Football Club
Jim Craig – Celtic Graves Society Patron
Celtic legends Sean Fallon & John Fallon
Michael Reilly – St Patrick’s Day Festival, Coatbridge
Father Sweeney – St Patrick’s Coatbridge

A Blessing will be given by Father Sweeney. All Celtic supporters are welcome to attend. Flowers/tributes may be left at the graveside.

“He was in those far away days an enthusiastic Celt, and though the years came between, I am pretty certain that enthusiasm never waned.” – Tom Maley on the death of Michael Dolan – 1910

28th May 1888 – Celtic 5 Rangers 2

Since the Celtic Graves Society was established in the summer of 2010 there has been a determination to ensure that the final resting places of the First Ever Celts would be marked. Sunday’s ceremony in remembrance of Michael Dolan out first ever goalkeeepr and the first ever name on a Celtic teamsheet, shall ensure that this task is now complete.

“Dolan defended his charge in such a spirited manner as evoked a hearty cheer from the supporters of the Shamrock.”

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