Jerry Reynolds

The Celtic Graves Society is proud to announce that there will be a ceremony to mark the resting place of


member of Celtic’s 1892 first Scottish Cup Winning team

At St Peter’s Cemetery, Dalbeth, London Road, Glasgow on Sunday 13th May 2012 at 10.30am

Attendees at the event will include:

Members of the Reynolds Family
Representatives of Celtic Football Club
Jim Craig – Celtic Graves Society Patron
Celtic legend Danny McGrain
Father John Sweeney – Holy Cross Church

A Blessing will be given by Father Sweeney. All Celtic supporters are welcome to attend. Flowers/tributes may be left at the graveside.

“It is curious that a player of such sterling ability should never have received recognition from the powers that be.” – Observer May 11th 1895

Reaction to the victory over Queens Park in the Scottish Cup Final

“When the intimation came that “our team” had won in such a handsome manner almost everybody who could muster a cheer and a grin at once put them in evidence. Even the women lent a hand, and helped in no small measure to make the rejoicing hearty. But it was when ‘the boys came marching home again’ from the aristocratic Ibrox that the fun began in earnest . . . As the evening wore on, the whole East End put on an air of alleged gaiety and a colour of deep carnation that would have given an unenlightened stranger the severe knock of astonishment. Bands! you ought to have seen them. They perambulated the whole district until well on in the evening, and with the aid of a liberal use of party music helped to make things hum along merrily.”

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